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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gallstones, Ocean Shores, and Sleeping through the Night

Whoops! Falling behind a bit! Well a lot has been happening the fast few days.

Last week I had two separate visits to the ER for severe back and stomach pains. Both times the pains lasted about 2 hours, and faded off while I was in the waiting room. The first time, they did a simple urine test for a Kidney infection. That was negative so they just sent me home with pain meds. The second time though I asked for more tests, so they did some blood tests. Something (they never told me what exactly) was higher than normal on the test results, so they did an ultrasound. It turns out.. I have gallstones. Yippee.. (Can you feel the sarcasm here?)

Yesterday I went in for some follow up lab work, and I'm meeting with my Dr. later this week to go over the results. I was told to avoid fatty foods, and so far it has been working. (No more attacks!) So I'm hoping this new diet will work, and I will be able to skip surgery. I am absolutely terrified of 'going under the knife.' We are talking scared-so-bad-you-lose-sleep-at-night-and-get-dizzy-just-thinking-about-it.

I know it's a simple surgery, and one of the fastest recoveries. Everyone keeps telling me to just get the surgery, it'll be easier than being on a special diet for the rest of my life. But I don't care. Surgery is surgery.

*     *     *     *     *

On a much happier note, we went on a little mini vacation last weekend. We drove up to Ocean Shores to visit Chris's grandparents. In his family, there are 4 birthdays within a week or two of Father's Day. So they always do a big get-together for everyone all at once. Jordyn did absolutely fabulous for the drive up there. No complaints at all! We only had to pull over twice for a few minutes for a bottle and diaper change.

The weather there was pretty gloomy all weekend. Lots of misty wet air and cold temperatures. So we spent most of the weekend relaxing in the house. Chris went out with his cousins for some mini golf, basketball, and kayaking at the lake. I spent most of the weekend either napping with Jordyn or reading my book. We did get a tiny bit of good weather on Saturday so we all went out for bumper cars and Go Karts on the slick track. (They spray water on the track to make you slide on the curves). I got some great pictures there. I'll post them later today.

*     *     *     *     *

Jordyn has been doing fabulous. She sleeps all the way through the night now, it's fantastic! I still have to wake up in the middle of the night to pump once, but at least I get to go right back to sleep now =D She usually falls asleep around midnight and wakes up between 8-9. We're also starting to get a bit of a routine going. It's fabulous =D

She is 7 weeks old today, I can't believe it! We took some photos a few weeks ago at Nana's (Jodi's) house for her announcement. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. I tried posting them on here but Blogger is being dumb. I'll post them later today. I'm saving the best photo for the announcement though, so you'll have to wait to see that one ;-)

Send me an email with your address if you want one! anelson726@gmail.com.

1 comment:

Janette said...

Yikes.. Gallstones. I agree with you about surgery and I think it's crazy people take that so lightly. Eating healthy seems like a better change in the long run. That's great Jordan is a good sleeper.
I would love an announcement but you prob already have my address in the family directory. If not let me know.